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Tuk Tuk Kitchen

Welcome to the Tuk Tuk Kitchen. Our online menus are up-to-date and will be updated every Monday morning for the week ahead. Inside the restaurant there is a large screen TV with news or music and outside a smoking patio area, plus non-smoking outdoor seating.

Tasty Tuk Tuk Thai ...

We have a different Thai dish on most days including the very popular Pad Thai. Thai food is a healthy fast food as it contains fresh vegetables and less salt. Ask Gary about the Pan Asia Thai Culinary Academy if you fancy learning how to cook this delicious food. Enjoy ...

You can't beat a bacon bap

From just £1.35 you can enjoy a beautiful bacon bap. Yum. What an amazing start to the day! We can also add onions, sausages and fried egg. Simply click on our menu to see the huge range of options available.

Healthy Salads

We don't recommend a fry-up 7 days a week because we care about your health. Why not choose our delicious mixed salad for a change? It goes great with tuna, ham, or any of our jacket potato fillings. In fact, you could even enjoy a healthy salad with your jacket potato – then you can really shine your halo ...

Chips, chips, glorious chips

Did you know that 1 out of every 4 British potatoes become chips? We use King Edwards for our chips because they are floury potatoes and make better chips! Our chips are also thicker so they absorb less oil, so are healthier – although they should not be classed as one of your five a day! Sorry ...

Eggs-xactly what you need ...

Fried, eggs are a source of many vitamins and minerals including vitamins B6, B12, D and K, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin , folate, vitamin B-12, pantothenic acid, iron calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper selenium. Now put that on your plate and eat it!

Why wait until Sunday?

At only £4 each, you can afford to treat yourself to a roast every day at Tuk Tuk Kitchen!

Keep an eye on our daily specials for the roast of the day with all the trimmings ...

Daily Specials for Tuesday 11th Dec:
Stir fried pork with ginger and mushrooms (PRMF £3) £3.60
Home made beef lasagne (PRMF £3) £3.60
Cold Platter Salad Bar (PRMF £3) £3.50
Cheese & Ham Omelette (PRMF £3) £3.60
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